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5 ways to pick your baby´s name

Get it right and they could be president one day, get it wrong and they may fall into a life of crime…..choosing the right name for your baby might not affect their life quite this dramatically but it sure does feel like it when you’re faced with this big decision!

Here are some tips to help you:

  1. Canvas opinions from your friends, family and local shopkeeper – sometimes the name you didn’t even come up with is the perfect choice.
  2. Before you commit, make sure to write the full name down next to your last name and say it out loud a few time to make sure there no awful rhymes or inferences which can be made!
  3. Try shouting the name out loud as though calling your child for dinner. Say it softly as though soothing them to sleep and scream it in anger as though they’ve kicked a football through the kitchen window – you’ll soon know how you feel about a name after that!
  4. Watch the closing credits to every movie and TV show and read all the names – a great way to come up with some you wouldn’t have thought of.
  5. Dedicate your name choice to a beloved family member or inspirational hero of yours. Having a namesake can be a very special thing and can inspire your child to take on the character as the person after whom they have been named – make sure this is an honourable person though or it could turn out badly.

It’s a good idea to stay away from fashionable or trend-driven names as these won’t sound good in 15 years’ time when you telling little Beyoncé or Ronaldo to do their homework you might regret it!

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