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5 things to do in nature with your child

It is so important to encourage children to interact with, play in and learn about the natural world.

When we think back to our childhoods we remember climbing trees, fishing in streams and cycling though fields on a summer’s day. Even if it wasn’t all as rosy as we remember it’s vital that our children have the opportunity to make the same memories.

So what are some fun ways in which we can make this happen?

1.Nature treasure hunt

Go on a walk through nature – a forest, by the sea, through fields. Before you go make a list of things to find on your way; certain types of leaves, shells, seeds etc. Tick off each item you find and see who has found the most when you get home.

2.Collect items for a collage

As you explore nature collect some items to take home. Use these items to create a collage scene of where you were: twigs, stones, feathers etc. Have fun with sticking and creating a pretty picture.

3.Bird or animal spotting

Learn about the types of animals which live in your area and find evidence of them. Paw prints, chewed food, droppings, a den/warren/nest. Bonus points if you actually see one!

4.Build a den from natural materials

Imagine that you have been stranded in nature and you need to make a shelter to survive, use branches and trees to protect you from the elements and foliage to keep warm.

5.Edible or inedible

Search through all the plants you find, examine the berries – colour, shape, type of leaves etc. Which seeds/fungi/berries/nuts are edible? Which are poisonous? How do we know? Which animals eat which foods? Use the internet or books to help with this research

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