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Have you ever considered not to use nappies at all?

We all know that disposable nappies are no good for the environment but they are oh so convenient and extremely effective. We also know that it’s not great for our babies’ skin to be in such close proximity to all those synthetic materials.

Cloth nappies are a great alternative. Kinder to the environment and natural cotton fibres are much more gentle on sensitive skin. Nowadays there are some super cute designs and options for reusable nappies with fail safe fastenings but even the old school terry towelling nappies are still a reliable option.

Have you ever considered not using nappies at all? Most of the developing world doesn’t use nappies past the newborn stage and this is not always for monetary or sanitary reasons.

Your baby can communicate with you – you just have to pay close attention to the signs. Baby signing is very popular today and although this method is based on recognised signs be assured that your child is talking to you – you just have to hear them.

You don’t have to go the whole way to no nappies at all if you don’t like that idea but watching for the cues your baby gives before or during elimination is the best way to start. A little sound, a face or even a gesture usually accompany voiding of the bladder and the bowel. Watch closely for these cues and over time you will be able to interpret your child’s habits.

That is the time to try them with the potty or toilet. After some time you will find that it is possible to not have dirty or wet nappies at all. You may still chose to use them as a precaution or at night time but many people find that they can move away from them fairly easily.

For more info on Elimination communication read this interesting book about the the diaper free baby

 Imagine that – no nappies, happy skin, happy baby and happy parent – happy planet. 

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