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If you enjoy mealtimes with your kids, it will make eating together a good experience, and it will take the trouble out of having fuzzy kids!

Make meal times important events

Just before meal time create the right ambience, talk about what you have cooked and what the ingredients you have used and how tasty it would be.
The activities to lay the table should be quite enthusiastic with an atmosphere of added exuberance between the kitchen and the dining table.
Create spasms of hunger
Use some mouth watering words and get other adults around to describe the way you have cooked it and the pains that have gone into the preparation.
Use words like “Yummy”, “Wow” when the food is being served into the dishes from the pots to be laid on the dining table, and try to exaggerate spasms of hunger in your kid or kids.


Sit and eat together

Depending on the age of your child either seat him or her sit on a high chair or a clip on table seat and dress a personalized bib and place the baby breakfast set and the baby drinking bottle alongside the other plates for those who would sit at the dining table.
Place the child on the seat whilst you all to take your places at the dining table and ensure that everyone is seated and if you do pray before a meal do so too.
Serve the food around including the child and start the meal together and try to ignore the child at the table, and let him contemplate your actions and whilst he or she is doing it you keep eating.


Enjoy meal time at the table

Talk a little in general of how the food tastes “Wow”! it is just “Yummy”. The cooking is delicious make such comments to show that the meal is super and all are enjoying it.
Comment how tasty the food is
Keep the tempo and comments up of how good and tasty the food is and a few words about something special in the food and talk about food only and not other subjects.
Keep every other subject away from the dining table, the idea is to talk about only food and get the child’s mouth to water as saliva glands secrete saliva when food smells enter the nostrils or when you see or hear about food.
This is a natural phenomenon and every human being and animal experiences it and doing the same at the dining table would definitely help.


Finish and wash up

Whatever has happened at the table and it does not matter whether the child has eaten or not, after you finish your meal get up and that is only if the child has not started on his food but if he or she has then wait a bit longer till he or she finishes too.
Keep them company till they finish, here as parents we would need to have immense patience till we get the child on the right track.

Do it at every meal

Do this at every meal and keep the child away from any other snacks or tidbits of food. Do this for two days and you will get the child to eat because when you create the feeling in his or her mind that mealtime is mealtime they would follow suit sooner than later.

This is the best way to enjoy meal time with your kids

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