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Back to school

How to pick the right school bag for your child

Whether your child is off to school for the first time or nearing the end of their school days they need a school bag so why not consider the following when picking out the right one:

  • Don’t pick a bag which is too big or too small. We don’t want little ones toppling over backwards!
  • Does your child have a locker at school where they can store books or do they need to carry everything for the whole day in one bag? This will affect the size of the bag you choose.
  • Are they required by the school to stick to a particular colour scheme?
  • Look for separate pockets to keep everything organised, even if the children don’t make use of them!!
  • If they are going to be carrying heavy books around for long periods then make sure to select a bag with wide, padded straps to protect the shoulder and be sure to choose a backpack with two straps to make sure weight is distributed evenly.
  • The obvious choice is to go with your child’s favourite characters, shows or musicians but be aware that not logos etc will be acceptable for school so check the school rules first.
  • Try to see the bag in person or find one online which has great reviews. You’re looking for sturdy construction. Children tend to be a bit heavy handed with their belongings, especially when they get home from a long day at school and chuck the bag into a corner. You don’t want the bag falling to pieces half way through the school year.

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