We are the Haahrfamily, and together with our children we have travelled to the far corners of the world, from Africa, Asia, Australia to America and of course many places in Europe. We love to explore new areas, to meet new people, and learn about other cultures, other ways of living.

Everywhere we have been met with great hospitality. When our oldest boys left home, the idea came to us to give back and open our home and hearts to visitors who came to see our area.

We grow our own produce, we have arab horses living all naturally, with respect for the animals natural way of life. We love to explore our neighbourhood, a beautiful naturereserve of ​​protected forests, clear lakes and babbling brooks that flows into the fjord. Here is a life of rare animals and plants that we want to cherish and preserve for our descendants

To heal nature begins by healing ourselves. When we experience well being and compassion, it will be reflected in us. We believe that doing something good, gives good energy and positive thoughts, and it will have a beneficial influence on your wellbeing.
So come and visit us, we hope that a stay with us, can do good for your health and your happiness.