Who are we

Behind PetitePeople.com is Benny Haahr, a husband and a father of three boys. Benny has got a heart for children, and for many years he has been in charge of  homes for vulnerable children in care, both in the UK and in Denmark.

The family home is a small organic farm in Denmark, and here Benny grows organic vegetables, he is a nature lover and a keen birdwatcher and he keeps horses naturally. He is a seasoned globetrotter, and together with his wife and three children, he has worked and travelled in more than 50 countries around the world - from Nepal and Zambia to Ecuador and Thailand, and most countries in between. 

The family have visited orphanages and institutions in India,  taught children and adults to read in Guinea Bissau and built schools and dug latrines in Zimbabwe. 

Everywhere have they been met with great hospitality and kindness - even in the poorest families, whose hosts always shared out the little they had, despite their very limited options.

This gave Benny the idea to give something back - even when at home in Denmark. So in 2007 PetitePeople was born, a different kind of shop that combines the unique personalised gifts, with help for children in the poorest countries.

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In our gift shop at PetitePeople.com, we have tried to create a personal universe where you can find all the useful and cute items that surround children for the first six years of their lives. From cushions and blankets, toys, personalised lunch boxes and bags to teddy bears, comforters, books and paintings for the children’s room – and of course clothes for fancy little folks. All of it is produced especially for you, with your child’s name carefully engraved or embroidered. For one because it is practical, but most importantly to let the child know from the very beginning that he or she is something very special.

It is our philosophy to give children the opportunity to put their own special touch on all products in our shop. Our goal is to provide unique quality products, which allows children to be children and which can endure being used, loved, hugged and chewed on – and later be kept as a treasured memory.

Bed and breakfast

In 2014 the oldest children in our family left home, and Benny decided to open up his home and the farm for visitors from the world, just like he had been met on his travels.

So PetitePeople Bed and Breakfast was a reality, and with four rooms in the old farm house, we have had many visitors from near and far.

Our guests can enjoy a very personal experience, they can live in an authentic friendly Danish home and taste a delicious breakfast based on mostly organic or local grown produce.

For every purchase you make in our giftshop or at our B&B, we will help a woman and her newborn to a safe birth and to a good start in life.