All children have a right to live
No child is born to die and no mother should die giving birth to her child. Yet this is the fate of millions of children and their mothers around the world. 6 million children die each year before their 5th birthday and almost half within the first 28 days after birth. Many of these deaths could be prevented by simple means, a pregnancy examination, a trained midwife, where there is no hospital, breastfeeding instead of formula, a vaccination against pneumonia, simple things that we often take for granted, but something that can mean life for many women and their children. At, we are supporting an effort to better  for groundbreaking prevention and treatment approaches for pregnant women and newborns in poor, hard-to-reach communities around the time of childbirth.

The best gift you can give a newborn child is a strong mother, and the best gift for the mother is a healthy baby.




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