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So it sleeps particularly well

Yes, when they sleep our little ones are very sweet. So much the better if they have a deep and long sleep! So that it can also fall asleep well, a music box can often cause miracles. The gentle melody soothes and makes tired little men tired. Our music box in cloud form can provide your baby the asleep aid that it needs.

Also on the road a hit

For a restful sleep, your baby needs not only at home in his own bed. Even on long car trips our snooze can help with falling asleep. Simply attach the music box to the sewn loop wherever you need it. Once drawn to the band, and the favorite slept sound.

Colorful music boxes

When selecting the baby accessories, one is particularly hard at work. Everything should fit nicely and the small be perfectly equipped. In order for our music box to fit into your color world, we have given you various possibilities to combine fabrics and colors. Together with the personalized lettering where the baby's name can be immortalized, you have a unique accessory that will give your little one a lot of fun


  • Diameter about 25 cm


  • Outside 100% cotton fabric
  • Filling polyester
  • Heart made of 100% wool felt - made in Germany
  • Please note: This product is not a toy and is not suitable for children under 3 years
  • It is a decorative product


  • not washable


  • Material in stock
  • The product is custom made for you

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