Personalized Elephant Gift Basket (grey, large) - PetitePeople
Personalized Elephant Gift Basket (grey, large) - PetitePeople Personalized Elephant Gift Basket (grey, large) - PetitePeople

An absolutely adorable gift basket with wonderful products that's perfect as a maternity or christening gift.

The gift basket contains:
1 pc. small Molly teddy bear with name
1 pc. cuddle cloth elephant with name
2 pcs. gray and charcoal gray drool bibs from Pippi with name
2 pcs. light gray and dark gray luxury cloth diapers with the name
1 pc. baby blanket elephant with the name
1 pc. basket

Gift baskets are approximately 10% cheaper than if goods are ordered individually.

Sweet little Molly teddy bear is 27 cm, which fits well into the arms of the toddler. The bear is really cuddly soft and ready to snuggle with. The child's name can be embroidered on one ear. Name max 7 characters.

The bear is CE approved and manufactured without the use of chemicals. The teddy bear's eyes are securely fastened so it can also be used by young children. Machine washable at 40 degrees.

The delightful and very soft elephant cuddle cloth from Teddykompaniets' popular Diinglisar series comes in a super delicious high quality velour. What a great idea to get a cuddle cloth with name, so the child does can avoid mix ups at day care. Cuddle cloth measures 35 x 35 cm.

Drool bibs by Pippi.

Practical baby cloth diapers in an extra soft luxury quality. Cloth diaper is Danish designed and dyed in Denmark, complying with all local rules regarding dyeing. The diaper measures 62 x 62 cm.

The super soft play and pram blanket from the popular Diinglisar series of Teddykompaniet has a beautiful elephant applique. Blanket measures 80 x 80 cm.

A personalized gift from can help women in the world to implement a safe and sanitary birth so they do not give birth in unsafe conditions.


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