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Fuel supply on the go!

There is no better way to take your drinks.

High quality drinking bottle made of aluminum, lacquered white on the outside and food-safe inside. Can be filled with hot and cold drinks. Can also be used with carbonated drinks, but with care! May cause spray fountains when opened. Two leak-proof closures to choose from. Made in Germany. Dishwasher safe, 100% recyclable.

Product Details:
• Made in Germany
• 16 x 7 cm (without cap)
• 150 gr
• 460 ml
• Free of harmful substances
• Aluminum
• Light resistant + scratch resistant
• Dishwasher safe
• 2 locks to choose from
• Solvent-free coating
• Environmentally friendly
• No inserted threaded ring
• Food-safe internal coating
• Suitable for hot and cold drinks

When you buy a personalized gift for a child you care for, you are helping the most vulnerable children in the world.


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