Personalized Rocking Horse Grill Plate - PetitePeople

Cute and personal Christmas plate with rocking horse and christmas motives. The plate is available in different sizes and designs. This version is 280 mm in diameter.

These plates are produced in Germany and is dishwasher proof. It is made from Melamine and can handle anything a youngster can do to it. Our melamine plates for children are of very high quality as we know they are going to be used year after year.

The melanimine is:

- free from bisfenol A

- Can be used with all sorts of food

- Dishwashable: Prints stay colourful even after many dishes.

- Durable, hard and unbreakable surface

- Not suitable for microwave ovens.

The plates are not printet, instead the motives are printed in foil and delicately put on the surface. The surface is sealed with a glossy layer of melamine. This protects the plate against wear and tear. Very sharp knives CAN make marks on the surface.

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