Wall bag Utensilo XL - PetitePeople
Wall bag Utensilo XL - PetitePeople Wall bag Utensilo XL - PetitePeople Wall bag Utensilo XL - PetitePeople

Great for the wall

It quickly accumulates a lot of small stuff in a children's room! Hair clips, puzzle pieces or small racing cars - the floor is not a suitable place for all your child's lying utensils. So why not use the walls to keep things organized? With our beautiful Utensilo wall pockets you can do exactly that! And not only for the children's room are the wall pockets suitable: Hang them up in the corridor and make a safe place for keys and your wallet!

Quick and beautifully stowed

The sturdy wall pockets made of high-quality wool felt can be easily attached to the wall. Either you simply use two nails and attach the bag to the nursery wall or pull a strap through the two reinforced eyelets and then hang several bags next to each other. And in the large opening, everything can be stowed away.

Embroidered Wall Fun

So that our bags are not only practical, but also embellish the children's room, you can choose your favorite felt in various great colors. And not enough! Decorate the bag with the name of your child and ensure a lot of fun while cleaning. Here too you have the choice between differently colored embroidery yarns.


  • about 30 x 30 x 5 cm


  • Material in stock
  • The product is custom made for you

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